The unevenness of race relations has meant Aboriginal perspectives on race relations are not well known. This is an obstacle for reconciliation, which by definition, must be a reciprocal process. It is especially problematic in regions with substantial Aboriginal populations, where Indigenous visibility makes race relations a matter of everyday experience and discussion. There has been considerable research on how settler Australians view Aboriginal people, but little is known about how Aboriginal people view settler Australians or mainstream institutions.

Telling It Like It Is: Aboriginal Perspectives On Race And Race Relations is a 3-year Australian Research Council funded Linkage project undertaken by Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation (LNAC), the University of Tasmania, and the University of Sydney. It aims to turn the lens by asking a wide diversity of Aboriginal people to tell their views on race and race relations. The aim is to provide an evidence base for attitudinal change, to develop new strategies for racial harmony, and to improve the way services are provided to Aboriginal people.


The investigators on the project are Associate Professor Daphne Habibis (lead researcher), Penny Taylor, Professor Maggie Walter, and Associate Professor Catriona Elder.

Alex di Georgio is a PhD student on the project. The fieldwork team comprised Kellie Pollard, Joel McLennan, Baden Adkins, Christine Rowan, Genaya Williams, Matt Heffernan, Dede Quall, Pauline Baban, and Will Crawford.

The project was instigated and advised by Ilana Eldridge former CEO of Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation.

Suggested citation for the study: Habibis, D., Taylor, P., Walter, M and Elder, C. 2016 Telling it like it is: Aboriginal perspectives on race and race relations.  Available at